What We Do

Our Professional services includes the listed services below.

Ship Agency

We take responsibility for handling shipments and cargo, and the general interests of our
customers, at Ports and harbors worldwide.

Ship Brokerage

We take responsibility for securing vessel or cargo charters for vessels and also represent to
buy or sell new or second hand tonnage worldwide.

Protective Agency Services

Maritime risk including piracy, and terrorism threats to the crew, passengers and cargo adds to a level of complicity to the ever-present hazards at sea and in Port. In the unpredictable world of shipping, we tailor our services to suit your operational security needs.

Stevedoring Services

We operate a berthing window mode of operations at the quay side, eliminating delays
before berth and upon completion of operations

Crew Safety & Management

Our Crew Safety and Management service is a complete service for the maintenance and
management of all flight crew hotel and transport bookings.

Cargo Superintendent

This includes; Super Cargo services, Loss Control, Collateral Management, Stock Monitoring and Inspection, Trucking and Training

OffShore Logistics Services

Some of our Offshore Logistics services include; Equipment Hire, Hull Cleaning Services, Bunkers to Offshore Platform and Lubricants, Fresh water Supply, Security Services, Chandlery Services, Boat Hire Services etc.

Towage and Barge Operations

Effective towing operations, whether field, offshore, port, are about having the right vessels
on hand, manned by experienced crews and that is what we stand for.

Import and Export

We specialize in the importation and exportation of goods to and from any part of the world. We also venture into the exportation of special commodities from Nigeria to other parts of the world.

Freight Forwarding

We offer freight forwarding, sea cargo shipping, and door-to-shipping services. As Customs
clearing agents, we clear goods and cars at ports.

Oil and Gas

Actively involved in the downstream Petroleum products Marketing, sourcing and importation.

Coal Merchant

We operate as coal merchant as we engage in the purchase and sale of coal usually in large scale.

General Contractor

We manage the whole construction process and other ancillary services.

Consultancy Services

We consult for Clients who need to make a critical decision in the maritime industry and also in the logistics and oil and gas industry.